Sleigh Rides

There’s nothing more nostalgic in wintertime than quintessential sleigh rides. Horse-drawn rides onto the refuge are the most popular winter activity, allowing riders a unique wildlife viewing experience and an incredible opportunity for photography.

Delight your family—and yourself—with a horse-drawn sleigh ride through India's winter wonderland. Memories made gliding across the snow, with cuddly blankets and the jingle of sleigh bells will last long after your trip is over. Visit the stables before or after the ride to take a selfie with your favourite horse. Gratuity accepted in carrots.

Our cozy carriage rides are sure to charm the whole family or provide a romantic escape for you and your special someone. we provide sleigh rides for a dazzling dash through the snow. These leisurely excursions provide scenic views of the property.

Both day and evening excursions are equally charming. A horse-drawn sleigh ride is a perfect way to enjoy this winter wonderland during family outings, wedding parties, conventions and holidays.

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